Running with Noodles, Bicycling with Guffy


According to WordPress, I started this blog several years ago. In fact, all I did was register the blog title with the vague intention of writing about running and dogs, hoping that would segue nicely into writing about running with my dog Noodles. Noodles is still my hypothetical dog, and while I do still run, this blog is finally taking form with regards to another dear friend (Guffy) and another dear sport (bicycling).

Guffy my bicycle is named after Guffy the Pony, a fine little guy who I met last winter in Arizona while horseback riding with Vijay and his parents. Guffy acted like a giant dog and loved licking jeans (denim deficiency???), and while I rode a different and wonderful horse that day, Guffy remains indelibly etched in my memory as a small horse with a big heart. Guffy and I got along great in Arizona, and I’m hoping my Guffy will be an equally compatible traveling companion!

Closing in on 2am on Friday July 6th, 2012. I am packed, Guffy tuned, and the majority of my checklist ticked and recycled. This morning, baring unforeseen hiccups, holds a quick bike ride to Boston’s South Station, an Amtrak train to Portland, ME, and the first leg of my adventure westward to Seattle!

I hope to make this blog a repository of fun stories & pictures of my ride across the US. My technological aptitude may fall short of what this blog requires; please be patient.

Lots of love from Somerville! One last night’s sleep at the Powder House. I will miss Boston immensely, and my dear friends even more.

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2 Responses to Running with Noodles, Bicycling with Guffy

  1. Matt Fujita says:

    I can’t wait to read more about your trip, Flavia! I’m sure we’ll get more lucky penny’s (that will lead to more adventures) and more Guffy’s – I’m really excited for you! Stay safe!

  2. Simone Allwood says:

    Hope you arrived safe in Seattle, from your motorcycle dog friend Tinkerbell!!!

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