Day 7: Rest Day! Orford, NH


My first rest day was exactly that. I woke up at 10am, had coffee and breakfast with Larissa and Raphael, organized my panniers, took a trip into Hanover with Laris… relaxed. While in Hanover I purchased a shorter stem for my handlebars. Thanks to a wonderful lesson on headset/handlebar adjustment from Mr Ben Lake I was even able to install them. No lost screws! Hurrah! Laris and I also took a trip to the post office, where I sent home a box of things I may be able to do without. The load needs to be lightened! Other than a few errands, a bit of map examination, bike maintenance and a tiny tiny amount of email, my day was entirely uneventful and wonderful. Thank you Laris & Raphael!

PS from yesterday, Larissa’s dog Dutch got a hold of the little hemp bag I use to sprout my lentils. I had been storing veggies in the bag and clipping it on to the exterior of my panniers. Now there are big old tooth holes in the bag. So much for sprouting anything smaller than a chickpea! You can’t hold it against Dutch, though. He’s just too cute.

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