Day 10: Newcomb, NY – Long Lake


Sunday started out with a four-leaf-clover Vij found stuck on my pannier. Good sign! We made a delicious breakfast of oat bran & pineapple with tea before taking down the tent and heading out. Vij checked out at the Ranger Station and the lady (Tammy) insisted we not pay. What!?! Sweet… The only bad news she had was that the weather looked crummy. Rain rain rain. I set out anyway, though part of me wanted to go with Vij. 😦

I saw the thunderclouds and knew I had about 14 miles to the next appreciable town. I flew as best I could, given my lack of wings and heavy panniers. I made it to an ice cream/ coffee shop that advertised Wifi and was just settling in with coffee and coffee ice cream (good combination… reminds me of eating vanilla ice cream with Caffe Appassionato espresso poured over it at the St. Demetrious Greek Festival… YUM!) when three young people came over and started asking about my trip. When I told them that I had pulled over to find camping somewhere near Raquette Lake given the weather forecast, Katherine invited me to her family’s camp off of North Point Road. Her boyfriend, an engineer in Syracuse would be leaving early the next morning and I could get a ride with him back to my 28N. It really didn’t take much twisting of my arm. They were a really friendly bunch, and I learned many good spatial memory card games from them.

Here is one of Katherine’s friends named Ben, advertising the trivia game bezzerwizzer. Odin and I won that game. Unlike my foray into spatial memory card games, we really held our own in trivia!


After games, Katherine, Greg and I went back to where we were camping and cooked dinner. By that time (around 5pm) it was rainy and I was sleepy. I decided to stay at the camp while they went back to hang out with the others. It was wonderful to have some time for switching off my brain. The spot was gorgeous, and despite the rain, very comfortable. This was the view from my tent after the rain let up:


I went to sleep around 9pm after listening to the birds and reading Walden. It was idyllic. Little did I know that there were innumerable little slugs crawling all over my tent. Go figure. 🙂

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