Day 11: Blue Mountain Lake – (hopefully!) Boonville, NY

This is the first time I’ve taken a break during the day to post, so I can’t say that I’ve arrived yet for the night, but I had to make use of the wireless internet here at Walt’s Diner. I’m currently in Old Forge, and have a bit of biking left to do. Luckily, I also seem to have a fair bit of daylight remaining. Fingers crossed.

This morning I woke up at 6, packed up my things and headed out toward Route 28N with Greg. I started pedaling at Blue Mountain Lake, and got a flat tire not 5 miles out. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions though. The road had a generous shoulder and I could work on changing the tube without fearing for my life. All I can say is thank heavens I decided to buy one of those little CO2 cartridge pumps back when I was staying with Larissa! It was so handy! It is surprisingly difficult to get your tire up to 80psi with a hand pump… 🙂 Even as it was, I sort of limped my way into Raquette Lake with maybe 60psi, where I was told by a kind man watching the dock that the closest place I’d find a pump (for boat, car, bike, anything) was another 10 miles along. Not to be disheartened, I had one of the best PB cookies I have ever had along with black coffee from the Raquette Lake Supply Company General Store. Yum.


Riding from Raquette Lake to Inlet I met an investment banker biking to meet his wife. They are heading up to Alaska to go biking with their daughter who lives up there. It was great to ride with someone for a bit, and we both went straight to the bike store in Inlet, he for a few Power Bars, and I for some air. I also picked up 2 nectarines, some green beans, and some rice for dinner.

The ride from Inlet to Old Forge was on super nice new pavement on South Shore Road. The last 1 mile is currently being paved however, which made for some scary pebble riding. I had my fingers crossed the whole time that I wouldn’t get another flat. So far so good. Riding into Old Forge I had planned on just continuing, but was lured into Walt’s DIner by the prospect of a tuna sandwich. I found it! I even got to catch up a bit with MayaBean back in Boston. I miss Boston soo much!


In the inestimable words of Robert Frost, I have “miles to go before I sleep.” I should be heading out. After another camp night tonight, my goal is Pulaski, NY tomorrow night and a warm showers host. Hurrah!!!

Mental hugs to everyone. I miss you oodles!!!

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One Response to Day 11: Blue Mountain Lake – (hopefully!) Boonville, NY

  1. Alison Pirie says:

    Hi Flavia! Just caught up with your adventures, thanks to Matt. We just had a 509 party for him–he leaves today–and he passed along your blog. We all miss you, but it sounds like you’re having an amazing time. Safe Travels!

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