Day 13: Pulaski, NY – Sodus Point, NY

Quick update while I have internet! I’m in Fair Haven (population 884. coffee shop? amazing!) just drinking some lemonade and contemplating next steps. It is only 1pm and I’ve made it 45+ miles from Pulaski. I was planning on staying in Sodus Point, but it is only 20 miles out and at this rate I’ll be there before I’m ready to stop pedaling. I’ve been polling locals about elevation gains between Sodus Point and Palmyra/Macedon to get a sense of whether it would be silly to try and get all the way there tonight. So far it is split. I think I’ll just see how I feel at Sodus Point (and how beautiful it is… whether I’d rather go swimming or keep biking… that sort of thing!)

This was breakfast before I took off from Kit and Lou’s house… mmm!


It rained with vigor last night. Big lightening & thunderstorm right over Pulaski. I was really really really grateful to be inside Kit&Lou’s house with the puppies!!! The ride out of Pulaski at 7am was gorgeous. The roads were freshly cleaned by the rain. It was relatively quiet, and I even saw a water tower that looks like it was designed by the same architect as the one in Mezoszemere!!!


I’ve seen ponies, domestic geese, wild swans, a hair stylist called “Ye Olde Hair Shoppe” in Mexico, NY. Hmm… Olde Hair??? No thanks. Along the way I kept seeing things I hoped I’d remember by the time I got to writing here… They all seem to have fallen out of my ear. Oh! I saw a few of Guffy’s relatives!!! Little poines in front of a big red barn. I didn’t have a chance to stop and take a photo, but you can imagine them. Really sweet.

Onwards and upwards! As Vij says before roller hockey, “I hope the rain keeps up!” Why, you ask? “So it don’t come down.” Hehe.

My tongue is officially frozen from eating the ice in my lemonade. Oh small victories! 🙂

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3 Responses to Day 13: Pulaski, NY – Sodus Point, NY

  1. mike c says:

    more on puppies!

  2. sea mik_c says:


  3. Jon Takemoto says:

    Hi Flavia! Hope all is well! I just saw your father today at the library and told me of your adventure home. (and actually your sister uses our meeting room space here too.) Excited for you! Enjoy the journey home!

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