Day 16: Buffalo, NY – Point Breeze, NY

Great, relaxing day! Lazy start from Buffalo, including a trip to the farmers market, coffee and conversation with my Warm Showers hosts and several of their wonderful friends,and a great bicycle adventure with Deacon Perry’s Niece, Brooke, who is at school in the city! I needed a bit of a rest after yesterday. I was planning on staying tonight at Evangola State Park, with my backup being in Dunkirk if the park was full. Note to self: make the backup close to the goal destination! 🙂 The park was full, and my gas tank was empty. Dunkirk is still 19 miles away. I pulled into an RV camp that is more like a community than a temporary campground. It wasn’t listed as a place to camp, but I was exhausted and figured the worst they could say was no. The generosity of humanity reveals itself again! After asking a few people, I was directed to a fluffy patch of grass on which to sleep! I’m all showered now, and ready for bed. Sorry for the short post; more tomorrow!

(Some awesome cone cabbages from the Buffalo Farmer’s Market!)

(My wonderful WarmShowers Hosts who introduced me to how truly wonderful Buffalo is! Thank you!!!)

(With Deacon Perry’s Niece Brooke. Awesome lady! She plays basketball for her college, but loves loves loves sports in general, which explains why she decided to ride along with me for a bit! It was great to talk and bike, and I think I even convinced her that protecting her investment in her noggin means wearing a helmet biking in the city. :-))

(If Bostonians think they have it bad with multiple streets with the same name… Well shoot. Buffalo names intersections with the same name!)

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One Response to Day 16: Buffalo, NY – Point Breeze, NY

  1. Sara says:

    Alfred Univ is close by. In its day, a top school for commercial ceramics. Buffalo China?

    (with sara’s ipad this morning)

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