Day 22: Defiance, OH – Monroeville, IN

Right now I find myself in beautiful Paulding, OH, population around 3,500. I’m at the public library, which I’m realizing is an awesome way in itself to see the country. Libraries have some of the most consistently available Wifi I’ve been able to find, and so when I asked in town if there was a library, I immediately made the turn to come here!

This morning I woke up to a delicious breakfast made by Mr. Messerman.

Here is a picture of the headline from the paper about the baseball card find, as well as a cartoon from a Toledo paper about Obama’s next mission. It is sweet.

After a leisurely breakfast, we took a picture on the back porch before Mr. Messerman headed out for the morning. They are a really sweet couple.

After thanking Mrs. Messerman for their hospitality, I rolled out of Defiance and toward Junction and then Paulding. Today will be a short day of riding, which I am not opposed to at all. I’ve heard very good things about the biker-only camping in Monroeville and want to check it out. In total, today will be about 43 miles.

The weather has been cooperating, though more thunderstorms are a possibility this afternoon. The route the Northern Tier takes in Western Ohio has been great; many smaller roads and state routes when the traffic allows. Coming into Paulding I was all alone on CR111. Corn, birds, and me.

Now that I’m back on track with the blog, I’m heading on to Monroeville, IN. My next few days put me through some rather small towns in Indianna, so I’m expecting a good stretch of camping. Hopefully Denver, IN Saturday night, Iroquois on Sunday and Odell on Monday. I’ll definitely try to find all the libraries along the way, as well!

Happy Friday to everyone, and thank you thank you thank you for all you who’ve commented & emailed! I love hearing from you all!

*Update! I made it to Monroeville, IN! Another state! There is a thunderstorm watch until 11pm, but come what may, I’m happy to be here! The biker campground has a covered shelter, which I’m very excited for!

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2 Responses to Day 22: Defiance, OH – Monroeville, IN

  1. Colette says:

    Flavia! This blog is absolutely adorable. I love reading about your adventures…so admire what you’re doing. Hope you have safe travels ahead and that I get to see you someday soon!!

  2. sea mik_c says:

    thanks to jill pearlman and the messermans!

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