Day 24: Fletcher Lake, IN – Iroquois, IL

Jakob and I woke up this morning to my alarm at 5:30am to find that being on the western edge of the eastern time zone, the sun gets up even later than usual. We finally got going around 6:45 to an amazing sunrise.

Jim was up too, so we were able to thank him as we got packed up.

(Yay Cubs!)

Guffy was all set to roll, but Jakob had one more surprise: a tiny, single-serving espresso maker! When I get home to Seattle, I need to find out if the Sanckens can export to Germany. Jakob is a huge coffee fan, but I don’t think he’s had the best coffee in the world yet! 🙂 Espresso in the morning was a great thing to wake up to!

How’d I take the picture!?! See… this is one of the multitude of uses for soybeans! I’m not a big fan of monoculture or GM  crops, but they do make for a good backdrop.

The donkeys were up early, and one even tried to speak German with Jakob! The little baby donkeys were so precious!

We also crossed paths with some Northern Tier cyclists heading East. They were being supported by a van, and were staying in motels, so their gear was lighter, but they were enjoying the experience just as much! They go about 70 miles a day, but do them a whole lot faster than we do. On road bikes, one of them has had 8 flats since Seattle, but one man hasn’t had a single one! That is some seriously good luck!

Jakob and I are in Monon at the moment, just south of our route. We found a restaurant with free Wifi and have taken full advantage of it. Jakob called Germany and I’ve caught up with the Kotechas. Off to call Mama and Papa momentarily, before we hop back on our bikes and continue on to Iroquois!

I apologize for the delayed postings. My ability to post is entirely Wifi-contingent. Please don’t be concerned if you don’t see a new post immediately! Thank you for all your support!

*Sara kulonosen neked irok, mert hallotam Mamatol, hogy aggodtal miattam. Nagyon jol vagyok, es elvezem a bringazast, de nem mindig talalok Wifit. Sok puszit kuldom nektek Indiana-bol! Es koszi, hogy irtal nekem!!!*

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2 Responses to Day 24: Fletcher Lake, IN – Iroquois, IL

  1. Steve says:

    Looks like your doing good. Sorry to read about the problem with your bike. I hope that is the worst of your problems. Best of luck. I will be keeping up with your travels.


  2. sea mik_c says:

    corn fields and soybeans w/donkeys – and bikers! the midwest can’t be more picturesque!

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