Day 34: Rest Day! Stillwater, MN & Minneapolis, MN

I can’t think of what I needed more than the rest day I had! I slept like a toasty pig in a waterbed at the Lake’s in Stillwater, had an amazing breakfast of granola, yogurt, peach, and honey, and then putzed around on the internet researching tiny tents for a while, while drinking delicious coffee! After breakfast, I changed my front tube. Over the past few days it has been getting progressively flatter, but I kept pumping it up, and since it was holding air decently I didn’t change the tube. Rolling into Stillwater, I knew it was time. Pretty decent, 2000+ miles and only two new tubes!


After some deliberation, I decided not to bike into Minneapolis, but rather Betsy offered to shuttle me in to Rose’s house and pick me up the next morning. Really too kind!! It made for a fabulous rest day!

Rose and I went on an adventure to a local park near her and Jake’s new home. I left Guffy in Stillwater, so with Jake’s permission, I borrowed his. Somehow he has created the most uncomfortable bike in the world! I tried to document how uncomfortable it was, but I think you probably just had to have seen me on it… So awkward!



Once we arrived at the park, Rose was so sweet, she rented a different kind of bicycle for our tour. This one was far more comfortable and silly! We had a great time navigating the winding paths and determining routes up to historical monuments!


I asked Rose to testify about how decent a driver I was… I think I had several very nice turns! 🙂


Here I am next to the first settler of Minneapolis.

And this is Rose being your typical tourist: texting instead of looking at the statues!


After our tour and requisite afternoon ice cream stop, we went to the gathered up groceries for dinner, and got ready for a little potluck Rosie had organized with some Bowdoin friends. It was so wonderful to catch up with Alden, his wife Ashley, Adam, and his fiancé Beth, not to mention Rosie, Jake, and the star of the show, their puppy Ellie! We had a great time talking and eating, watching Olympics coverage (before it was rudely cut short for a silly tv show premier!), watching Marcel the Shell, and devouring Rose’s cookie-cake! Here’s the beautiful bunch of nerdlies! Thank you guys for such a wonderful gathering!!!


I don’t know whether it was the rest day in general, the company of so many wonderful people, or the Minneapolis water, but I slept like a pancake and really had to work to mobilize out of the toasty bed. I won’t lie, I really do miss warm beds! But…like all such realizations, it just serves to make me more grateful when I do have one!

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2 Responses to Day 34: Rest Day! Stillwater, MN & Minneapolis, MN

  1. Great to see you last week! Keep on pushing those muscle pistons, the Rockies await!

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