Day 37: Bowlus, MN – Fergus Falls, MN

Mileage-wise today was a new record for me at 111, but I hadn’t intended for the day to be quite is long! I set out from Bowlus with Ryan and Matthew after a wonderful breakfast at Jordie’s in Bowlus. Jordie said she felt bad about the town deciding to charge for camping after not charging for so many years, so she took off a good portion of our bill at breakfast, and we ended up paying about $3 each. Well fueled, we checked out the mileage to Fergus Falls, and saw a perfectly reasonable 104 along two trails.


The trail system in Minnesota is phenomenal! It was such a treat not to have to do any navigation at all! Plus, the trail follows old railroad tracks, so the route was entirely flat. That made for speedy riding!


Guffy and I even decided to take the train at one point. 🙂

For those who listen to Garrison Kieler, did you know there actually is a Lake Woebegone!? I even rode over the Lake Woebegone covered bridge!


Something amazing happened today while I was on the trail. I was listening to a podcast in one ear, and happily pedaling along, when I cross paths with a couple cycling in the other direction. I smile and wave and keep pedaling. Then I hear the man shouting something to me, so I stop and turn around. It is so crazy that he recognized me, and once I’d turned around, I immediately recognized them as well! Our paths had crossed before at a gas station near Marquette, nearly a week ago! Greg had come over to say hi and ask about my trip. I had been on the phone so I’d only gathered that his wife, Eve, was from Oregon and that they were avid bikers. Isn’t that amazing!? I’m so glad he stopped me along the trail!


It really made the US seem a good deal smaller! 🙂 I wasn’t expecting to be on this bike path (for some reason this isn’t the official ACA route, but it ought to be! Thank you to Don in Dalbo for the information about it!) You think you may only meet someone once, but you never really know!

The path was beautiful, and I even had a hitchhiker for a bit!


This little guy just hopped onto my front pannier and wouldn’t let go! Maybe he was just carpooling to work?!

The sky started getting a bit dark as we (as I was now riding with my English friends) approached Fergus Falls. 104 soon turned to 111, and I really began to wonder if we’d find the campground before getting soaked.


Luckily we did, and I was even able to set up my tent under the picnic shelter, which is also home to several barn swallow families! I feel like I’m in Mezoszemere!

Today I’m off to Fargo. I’ve contacted a Warm Showers host, but haven’t heard anything yet. Hmm.

In other news, Happy Birthday to Papa!!! I hope the Toby melon is delicious!!!

Boldog Szuletesnapot kivanok Jolankanak es kiss Rekanak!!!

I will be sure to celebrate on everyone’s behalf today in Fargo!

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One Response to Day 37: Bowlus, MN – Fergus Falls, MN

  1. sea mik_c says:

    sunday’s project was to go through cousins sani’s and igzzie’s checklist re: watermelon development. shell must resist scratch of the fingernail, color of shell touching ground should be yellow, dew should not be present on the melon in the morning, the fuzz on the stem should no longer be present, etc . . . everything checking out a-ok, trusty little pocket knife did its thing. mumzi found the house scale. the melon – estimated in the field at 9kg – came in at 10kg 100 gr! the requisite photo op taking place, immediately split into two pieces with the larger half going to yolanka (who shares the birthday) and family next door for their party, and another section for sani and gizzie for providing the intellectual framework for judging! the neighborhood agrees on a score of 100 – except for mumzi who placed her vote in the 90-95 range!

    (there was also a cantaloupe pictured in the same moment, score similar to the above.)

    delivering to yolanka’s, surprised by a big double-handful of new sunflower seeds roasted in -shell! happy birthday to all!

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