Day 39: Fargo, ND – Tower City, ND

Short day of riding, but a tremendous amount of fun! Matthew needed a new rear tire, and the bike shop only opened at 10, so we spent almost two hours at a great little coffee shop catching up online. The Great Northern Bike Shop was so awesome, that I decided to get Guffy new tires and a new chain as well! What do they say, “An ounce of prevention…” My tires were still fine, with only 2300 miles on them, but I was picking out bits of glass with tweezers each night. I decided to get proper touring tires with the Kevlar belt. Peace of mind going into Glacier, where I won’t have such ready access to bike shops!

I also thought of trading in Guffy for a more Dasha-approved bicycle! (Hi Dasha!!!)


But in the end, Guffy is my trusty bicycle, and I wouldn’t trade him in for anything! 🙂

After the bike shop, I went grocery shopping and stocked up on rice, Imagine soups, and fish. Now I’m ready for North Dakota! Matthew also needed a new sleeping pad so we found a sporting goods store that also had a presidential statue park. Here I am with honest Abe!


By the time we got on the road, we decided to take it easy and break the ride into two days, 40 miles to Tower City and 50 to Jamestown. We rode I-94 as it is legal in North Dakota and Minnesota. Being that I’ve never driven a car on the freeway, it was QUITE the experience. All of this riding serves t put distance in context for me. A sixty mile day for me could be covered in less than an hour on a freeway with a speed limit of 75. Really mind boggling how far some of the truckers I meet go in a day…

On one sad note, while biking 94 I saw a truck hit a bird. The poor thing was still alive when it hit the ground, but I imagine not for long. I saw 3 deer carcasses in 40 miles (only on the westbound side of the road). One of the deer had been hit so hard it had had it’s limbs sheared off. Really grotesque. For all the benefits cars, trucks, trains, interstates, etc have had for humans, there is also a big toll on the animals that make that place home. Surely there is natural predation and mortality, but seeing that dismembered deer made me realize the ferocity of human predators as well.

Hmm. Off momentarily towards Jamestown. I’m hoping for favorable winds and wide shoulders!

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2 Responses to Day 39: Fargo, ND – Tower City, ND

  1. mark yuhina says:

    You can tow that little bike behind your Guffy… just in case you need a backup! HA…
    good thinking on the new tire! Good luck on the trip! Having a lot of fun reading it!

  2. sea mik_c says:

    just so, flavi . . . at oxford, uk, economic historians are busy reviewing their presuppositions about the industrial revolution.

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