Day 40: Tower City, ND – Jamestown, ND


Pelicans, lakes, and a bit on 94 comprised today’s ride. I woke up early and went to the local restaurant for coffee and eggs and Internet. I met some wonderful local farmers, and we discussed crop yields and whether they would be trying for a second crop of wheat still this summer. They weren’t, nut they knew of folks who were, but they thought it was foolish. The drought hasn’t been as severe in North Dakota as farther south, but they’ve felt it nonetheless. I also asked about the history of Tower City because Ryan and I had wondered while biking into town last night how a town so flat got it’s name. I turns out that Tower was the surname of the town’s founder, and not a reference to the three water towers Ryan imagined Tower City would have. 🙂

The Brits showed up maybe 40 minutes later and had breakfast as well. When it came time to pay, the waitress told me that one of the locals had overheard my conversation with the farmers and had paid for my breakfast, but that he wanted to stay anonymous and had already taken off. That was a very sweet gesture, and so selfless! I wish I could have thanked him, but instead I thanked everyone. 🙂

The ride was decent, but a tad hillier than I’d expected. Ryan and Matthew took off at their speedy clip, and we agreed to meet in Jamestown. It is so much more fun for me that way. Otherwise I inevitably feel like I’m slowing them down and try to compensate by riding their speed. Bad news bears, as I learned from Jakob! I rolled in to Jamestown, and while the Brits made use of the public library, I went to explore “the world’s largest buffalo.”


There was also a historical village that was wonderful. Over the years, North Dakotans, but primarily people from in and around Jamestown, have donated historic buildings and had them relocated to the village. It’s pretty sweet!

Here’s an old Wells Fargo postal coach…


A log cabin built in 1898…




And a barber shop (among very many other things!)…


Once I caught up with Matthew and Ryan, they were intrigued by my adventure, and we actually went back so they could see everything, as well.

Oh, and I saw buffalo!


Camping was not too far out of town, particularly once the proximity to ice cream was factored in. Good day!

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