Day 45: Medora, ND – Glendive, MT

Big day in bicycle land! I made it to Big Sky Country, saw my first Washington state license plate, and saw a decidedly western grocery chain – Albertson’s! The sense of getting closer is ever more palpable!


Last Sunday Matthew, Ryan and I had breakfast at a wonderful place called the Viking Cafe. This morning was not Norse themed, but Western. We made good use of the electrical outlets as well as the tasty coffee. The food was too good to be photographed. 🙂

The scenery has changed dramatically since central North Dakota. I really sometimes feel like I’m on the moon.


Riding along Old Highway 10 was delightful because maybe every 10 miles you’d see a car. The road was being resurfaced, so the last 5 or so were a bit bumpy, but otherwise spectacular. I kept looking for buffalo..the aCA maps have a picture of a man on a bike taking a picture of a herd. Nowhere to be found. 😦

We did take a break in Sentinel Butte though, at a little gas station that was technically closed. The owner was there hanging out with his buddies and he invited us in. Welcome surprise to find it open on a Sunday, especially considering that the population of Sentinel Butte is 56!


Leaving Golden Valley County, I entered Montana’s Wibaux County along Interstate 94. The traffic was light and so stopping on the shoulder didn’t pose any problem.


Woohoo! Only the huge state of Montana, a blip in Idaho, and Washington to go!!!

The weather has gone from nearly frigid back to boiling. I think I’d prefer hot to cold, though…

The campsite recommended by the ACA turned out to be a very primitive RV park that no longer has restrooms or running water. I called the manager when we arrived because there wasn’t a sign about how much campers should pay, and she told me that since last season they haven’t had any facilities and so we shouldn’t worry about paying. All well and good, but when I woke up in the morning, I really thought my bladder was going to explode! Hmm… Bathrooms are nice. 🙂

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2 Responses to Day 45: Medora, ND – Glendive, MT

  1. Sara says:

    Szia Flávi!
    Húuuu, de haladsz, örülünk, hogy elhagytad ND-t, gyönyörü!!!
    Sára és családja

  2. Beth&Marty says:

    Montana, holy cow you are moving along at a great pace, way to go Flavia!!

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