Day 46: Glendive, MT – Wolf Point, MT

103 miles north-ish and west-ish! It was a long, hot ride, but you always feel better about it once you are rested! I’m sitting in my tent this morning feeling refreshed and chirpy. Last night I was zonked and hungry, no mood for blogging. 🙂

I slept terribly in Glendive. Our very primitive camp was giant next to the BNSF rail hub, so all night. I heard the screeching of metal on metal and the bumping of cars. I woke up at 5:15 in order to get an early start on the long day. We found a coffee shop open at 6 and took off shortly thereafter.


The scenery was pretty unchanging all day, large hills and a big blue sky. The biggest difference here in eastern Montana compared to all previous points is the distance between towns. This has affected my trip immensely, as I really enjoyed meeting people, talking about crops, the weather, tourism, etc. Now stops are generally gas stations and the goal is to obtain fresh cold water, and not do much to talk about gas prices.

The first stop out of Glendive was a tiny town called Lindsay about 23 miles out. We stopped at the gas station and spoke with the attendant for a few minutes before heading on. After another rolly 25 miles we came to Circle, population 615 where we had lunch. It was a nice break, but the 53 miles still looming made for a bit of indigestion. 🙂 According to the ACA maps there are no services in those last 53 miles, but the US/British team were not to be phased. We had lots of spare water, food, and good jokes about snails to keep us happy.

Miraculously there was a tiny pub open in Vida (count on the Brits to find the only pub in the area!) where we each had a soda and discussed the big farm fire burning up the street. It was that hot and that dry!

I wish I had a picture of the final descent into Wolf Point. After the final climb, I came to the top and saw a big sweeping road down to the Yellowstone River. The thought that came to my mind was “We are beginning our final descent into Wolf Point, please make sure your pannier bags are securely clipped and your helmet properly fastened…” I was proud to find humor despite being exhausted!

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