Day 50: Rest Day in Havre!


The morning started off really well, with a conversation with two Australian motorcyclists from the Longriders club. They are on a great adventure across the country and reminded me particularly of Glen, both in temperament and excitement about Harley’s. Glenster, you have an open invitation with them in Australia!

We had planned a shorter day because of predicted high winds. By the time we were ready to go, the winds were at 25mph sustained, with gusts to 40. None of us felt like battling for just a few miles, so we decided to stay in Havre.

Not everything came to a standstill because of the wind… Traffic stopped because of an oversize load that required dismantling the traffic lights to maneuver down the street! I asked what the thing was, and was informed that it is a compressor house for oil fields. There you go!


While in the local grocery store we met a grocer named Bob who asked where we were planning on staying. We told him we were planning of finding a new spot for camping, and he instead invited us to stay at his house. It was very kind of him! He took his lunch break to show Ryan the place, while Matthew and I gathered dinner ingredients. We spent the rest of the afternoon cooking, baking, and playing a version of pictionary at Bobs house. He didn’t get off work until 10, but we left him a brownie and made breakfast for him in the morning. Best impromptu rest day imaginable!

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  1. sea mik_c says:

    thanks, bob!

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