Day 51: Havre, MT – Galata, MT

First sighting of the Rockies!!! Rolling into Gallata I could see the big mountains off in the distance. I’m so excited for a big change in scenery. Montana is a huuuuuge state!


Although Ryan looks like he’s on the telephone, he is actually fixing his earphones. Cell phone reception continues to be very sporadic. Off in the distance both to the north, south, and west there are hills/mountains. Directly in front are rolling hills, wheat fields, and beautiful sky.

We stopped several times today. It is wonderful to have mall towns to stop in, as lately the stretch between towns has not been inconsequential. One town, Inverness, even had a pile of tractor tyres that immediately transported me back to my childhood playing in the sandbox Nagypapa made for Noonie and me out of an old tyre. I’m pouting because i did not want to leave the shade of my new-found abode. 🙂


Our final destination, Gallata, was a blip of a town with a motel that requires guests to call upon arrival to notify the owners. Dinner (tea, as I’m taking to calling it thanks to the Brits) was accompanied by a splendid sunset. Wonderful end to the day!


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1 Response to Day 51: Havre, MT – Galata, MT

  1. sea mik_c says:

    wow – what a BIG sky!

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