Day 52: Gallata, MT – Cut Bank, MT


Today I’m headed for Glacier!!! More about Cut Bank at next Internet access… 🙂

Cut Bank was wonderful. Only one sad blip in the day: somewhere along the road, I lost my dear orange sweatshirt! I had it clipped to one of my rear panniers, but it must have fallen off while I was riding. Cue bugles. 😦 I didn’t have that dear $9 sweatshirt long, but it provided me with great warmth and visibility while I did. It will be sorely missed. Ryan’s idea is that a small burrowing animal has discovered it and will make a nice fluffy nest out of all the orange fuzz. This appeals to my imagination more than the thought of it rotting by the roadside. Hmm…

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4 Responses to Day 52: Gallata, MT – Cut Bank, MT

  1. sea mik_c says:

    who would believe? get ready, all penguins!

  2. bethandmarty says:

    Go Flavia!!

  3. John says:

    Best part of the ride- coming right up!! Check out Serrano’s in East Glacier Park, and also make sure to go to Great Northern Brewing Company when you make it to Whitefish!

  4. Sara says:

    Remélem nem fáztál…! 🙂
    Csodálatos az, amit csinálsz. Puszi

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