Day 53: Cut Bank, MT – 5.8 miles West of Marias Pass

From endless flats to beautiful evergreen forests in the blink of an eye! Today the transition finally arrived. We left Cut Bank under drizzly skies but they soon turned into a hazy sort of clear that smelled of smoke. Wildfires from Idaho can reach your nose in Montana! Who knew!?!


These guys are pretty magnificent. As I pass them, I like to imagine what this area might have looked like pre-Lewis and Clark. Speaking of which, we passed Camp Disappointment.

The town of Browning on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation was a happy surprise for me. I’d been warned by several cyclists to avoid spending much time in Browning. When the three of us rolled into the grocery store around lunch time, we were met by very kind, warm people with big hearts. Three people came over to me as I was munching on last night’s polenta and started a conversation. One of the ladies had a big scab on her knee where she must have recently fallen. When I asked her if it hurt, she told me that it had, but that it would heal because the Blackfeet are strong people. She said it with such confidence and pride I couldn’t help feeling confident and proud for her as well!

(Ryan’s photo! Yay Rockies!)

East Glacier was really where the scenery changed. Quite a welcome change as well, if filled with a tiny sense of foreboding on my part for the climb ahead. Despite a bit of a headwind and slow biking on my side, the pass wasn’t nearly as challenging as my concern might have warranted. Ryan and Matthew waited for me at the top. 🙂


Hurrah for Maria’s the world over, but especially both my Grandmothers and my Mama! So technically it is Marias, pronounced Ma-rye-as, but it will forever be Maria’s to me!

Our campsite is an awesome RV park just west of the pass. It is stunningly gorgeous here!!!

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1 Response to Day 53: Cut Bank, MT – 5.8 miles West of Marias Pass

  1. sea mik_c says:

    pretty impressive photography . . . apparently, others in browning like last night’s polenta, too . . . and elevation 5216 at maria’s – as in “mariah!”

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