Day 55: Whitefish, MT – Eureka, MT

Riding alone this morning was a bit sad, but while I wished for the company of my friends I couldn’t help but enjoy the ride. There were very few towns today, mostly just Flavie/Guffy and the logging trucks. And this:


(Dickey Lake outside of Fortine)

And this…


I even found a deer jaw just hanging around. (Oh Dear…)


Pictures really do say more than words today. Just stunning.


I also started to think Glenster and Chris might show up at any minute. No sign of Donovans or Kotechas, though… 🙂



This evening I explored the Eureka farmers market, purchased oatmeal raisin cookies from an Amish lady, spicy peppers from an old farmer (who gave me free carrots as well!), and a CD of Montana bluegrass/folk music from a band playing at the market. (Shelly, they are reminiscent of Nettle Honey!)

Tomorrow I’m off to Libby for my last full day in Montana!

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1 Response to Day 55: Whitefish, MT – Eureka, MT

  1. Ryan Anderson says:

    Always thought she smelt bad on the days with no shower,
    I thought she was rad and bright as a sunflower.

    Thousands of miles at her back on her noble steed Guffy,
    She loves him dearly along with garlic, sweaters and a soft puppy.

    Her quirky jokes never ceased to flow,
    Hey look at that Escargot!

    What an awesome family she must Havre,
    To produce the caring soul that we call Flavster.

    Such a pleasure to have a queen of the road in tow,
    Flavia Horváth Chen the most incredible girl I know.

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