Day 56: Eureka, MT – Libby, MT


Today’s riding companion: Lake Koocanusa! I left Eureka a bit on the late side given how “climby” I knew today’s ride was slated to be, not to mention the distance was getting towards long. I met another cyclist last night, named Mitch. He’s 20 and trying to figure things out. College wasn’t working for him, and he wants to be a screenwriter, so he’s making his way from Wisconsin to California. He rolled in late last night, and I shared some of my Amish oatmeal cookies and carrots with him as we discussed our adventures. He’s riding a mountain bike (!?!?!?) and pulling a trailer loaded with books (Lord of the Rings and a book on helpful aliens), moccasins, push-up weights (?!), a paper map of all the roads in the US, two bicycle pumps, two buckets of muesli, a 4-person tent… The list goes on. He’s a good guy, and very adventurous. He said he tried riding with people he’d met, but was always much slower. I wanted to say, “Earth to Captain Obvious!” but we just chuckled. He says he needs the moccasins! 🙂


I stopped in precisely zero towns today over the course of 70 miles. I think I could have stopped in one. The road was beautiful and quiet, paralleling the lake until Libby Dam.


After the dam, I had an amazing road all to myself! Old Haul Road must have hauled much at some point. Now it is quiet, running next to the BNSF tracks the last 17ish miles into Libby.


One of my daily highlights is getting a train to honk a hello. This usually involves waving gregariously as the train passes, but even this does not guarantee anything. Huge success today, probably because I was so enthusiastic in my waving. 🙂



Riding into Libby I contemplated waiting to let the darn tree fall, but after several hours, I kept going. Just kidding. I raced the tree. It was tremendously slow in falling. Imperceptible, really.


Off to Idaho tomorrow! Potatoes are a must… The day will end in either Clark Fork or Sandpoint, we shall see!

Wrapping up 8 weeks here. Sending mental hugs to all, wishing happy rest-day to Ryan and Matthew in Missoula, and happy nearly-September!

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2 Responses to Day 56: Eureka, MT – Libby, MT

  1. Michael Hummell says:

    Hi Flavia!

    Your Captain Obvious reminds me of Thoreau’s thoughts on the matter:: “If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away. ”

    Michael Hummell

  2. sea mik_c says:

    NEW idaho potatoes! – the question of the day will be: will you see anything else on your plate?

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