Day 57: Libby, MT – Clark Fork, ID


Not 10 miles out of Libby this morning, I came upon a sign for Kootenai Falls. At first I had planned on only walking to the first little scenic overlook, but as I got closer to the falls and could hear the thunder of the water, I had to keep going. I spent over an hour wandering around, taking pictures, and contemplating how rushing water or ice has carved the landscape of many of the places I’ve been on this trip.


I offered to take a picture of a man and his wife and he did similarly. We both agreed that occasionally having more than an arm’s length between your face and the camera can be a good thing! I was a goober (again) and went off hiking down the trail wearing my helmet. It just doesn’t register that I’m wearing it. Oh well, at least I was being safe on the rocks. 🙂


The rocks have been eroded through so many years of currents… Beautiful, huh?


Squirrel’s eye view of the path. It was good to walk around a bit!


While walking around near the falls, I met a woman named Janice and her son. We talked for a few minutes about my trip and how glorious Washington is. Maybe 30 minutes later as I was cycling towards my turn off to SR 56, who pulls over and hops out to ask if I need anything but Janice! She was so sweet. It felt good to know that among all the drivers zooming to their holiday adventures, work, etc., I had at least two friends in Janice and her son, 🙂

After turning off of US 2 onto SR 56, two things caught my attention: how tiny the shoulder was, and how beautiful the views. This is Bull Lake. There were so many places I wanted to stop and take pictures but couldnt, as I was already biking on the white line. Boo.

I took an alternate route for the last 15 miles. It was a tad longer than the main route, but advertised quiet roads. After worrying about logging trucks all afternoon, three additional miles seemed inconsequential. That is, until I realized that the road was being repaved! Ugh. Biking on gravel is really not terribly fun, but I suppose I’d take it over logging trucks. Eventually the road became paved again and my smile came back.


Osprey nests also helped bring my smile back… 🙂


As did beautiful farmhouses with the majestic Bitterroot Range at their doorstep.

No potatoes to report yet. I still need to find a place to camp, but came straight to the library to check in as my phone doesn’t work here. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to enter the most wonderful state in the Union (I’m biased!). I can’t believe it. Newport in Pend Oreille County, WASHINGTON here I come!!!

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1 Response to Day 57: Libby, MT – Clark Fork, ID

  1. Janis says:

    You are an amazing person on an amazing journey. It was a pleasure to meet you today. I look forward to following your blog.

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