Day 58: Clark Fork, ID – Newport, WASHINGTON!!!


It all started with Sweet Peas today… That’s how you know the day will turn out well! πŸ™‚


In truth, the day started with a 6 am train alarm, breakfast of Idaho potato and coffee, and then (and only then) beautiful Sweet Peas. They made me think of my Mama, Mama Sancken, Mama Kotecha, and Mama Vanderkruik. I love you all, and the Sweet Peas are for you!


I thought about hibernating near Lake Pend Oreille, but decided to continue on to Seattle. The lake was tremendously blue. Incidentally, I heard a Radio Lab show recently about color perception that has made me hyper aware of colors, blue in particular. One thought they presented was that the ability (in terms of having an individual word) to describe blue comes about rather late in the formation of most languages, possibly because of the paucity of naturally blue objects (obviously water in large quantities and the sky excluded). Homer, they say, used the term blue precisely zero times in the Iliad and Odyssey. Check out the show. Anywho, my linguistic development being what it is, I perceived the lake to be very very very… Blue. πŸ™‚



Speaking of Sanckens, you can only imagine my delight (and tiny fear that I was hallucinating) when I saw a sign essentially in the middle of nowhere saying “espresso next right.” Such delight! I obviously followed the directions, and found myself speaking with Tracy and her husband, the owners of The Snack Shack. Here they are in action.


I told them how excited I am to be returning to Seattle after 9 years particularly because of my Godparents’ coffee shop. We had a wonderful conversation ranging in topics from Nevada, to sunshine, to metaphors of disease, and medical education. Best stop of the day!


I was in such good spirits after my coffee break that I had to let even this blatant example of Idaho sexism slide. The scenery was too gorgeous to get miffed about anything. πŸ™‚

What Idaho sign makers lack in political correctness however, they make up for in spray painted humor! I was riding along a bike path when it struck me that the bicyclists looked gassy. I thought surely someone had added a bit of flair to the road signs, but they ALL seemed to be the same! Either a persistent vandal or a commentary about digestion in Idaho. Hehe.


After a very pleasant day of riding with only moderate wind (haha, I’m sorry… I can’t stop laughing at the gassy bikers…) and a bit of a lack of shoulders to ride on, I rolled into beautiful Newport, WA.


The sun was directly behind the sign, eek! I not only received a welcome sign, but the state flag as well! It’s as if the state knew I was coming! πŸ™‚


This evening I’m at a campground that seems to be the life of the party. I called ahead this afternoon after it struck me that being a holiday weekend campgrounds might be full. I was told that they were indeed full, but that they would find room for me. Sweet! The fee is a bit more than usual, but at this point I’m fairly certain it is worth it! On Friday nights the camp hosts serve dinner (check), there is live music (check, if a little hokey), I’ve showered (thank heavens… I didn’t want to hang out with myself anymore!), laundry is washed and dried, tent is up, and blog nearly written. Seems like 8:30 bed time in my most beloved state for me!

Thank you all for encouraging me along thus far! I have still several hundred miles to go, and five moderately crazy mountain passes to conquer. But I already feel like I’m home!

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8 Responses to Day 58: Clark Fork, ID – Newport, WASHINGTON!!!

  1. steve simmons says:

    Congratulations, you have made to Washington. I’m proud of you. You are in the final stretch. How much longer do you think it will take?

  2. bethandmarty says:

    Your journey has been amazing to follow. Way to go Flavia, almost there!!

  3. Michael Hummell says:

    Washington already. Congrats Flavia! RE: “… and five moderately crazy mountain passes to conquer.”, I guess that means you’re not planning to ride over Mt. Ranier. Ha ha., Happy Bike Trails to You!

  4. Jan en Cootje says:

    Hi Flavia.
    We are Jan and Cootje Jenniskens from the Netherlands. We met you together with Rod MacDonald and Denny Andrie not far from Erie. We did the Underground Railroad and they were on the Northern Tier in the opposite direction than you. Since than we have followed you on your website. We admire you very much because of your performance on the bike, your flexibility to deal with all situations with ups and downs underway. It is very impressive what you did and we enjoyed the way you write about it and all the pictures you have put on the site. We are home again in The Netherlands since August 20 after visiting relatives in Canada and of course completing our tour in Owen Sound in Canada. We wish you lots of success to complete your tour and if you will meet Rod and Denny in Seattle please bring over our best regards. We are going to send them an email.
    Thank you for all your nice writing on your site and have a safe journey to the westcoast and home again.
    Jan and Cootje Jenniskens from the Netherlands.

  5. Wendy Bestor says:

    You don’t know me but I feel like I know you. I was made aware of your blog through Bowdoin where my son is a senior (go u bears!) and I have been following your progress all these many days. What a joy it’s been to check in on you every evening and see what a wonderful journey you’ve been having. It has warmed my heart to know that there are adventures out there to be had by anyone as willing as you! Good luck with your last few hundred miles. I’ll be following you to the end!
    With love and admiration, Wendy

  6. Tracy says:

    Found your blog Flavia; thanks for your kind words and the pictures re. our little espresso stand outside of Sandpoint. Glad you made it to WA and we’ll be thinking good thoughts as you head through the Cascades. Here’s hoping your last leg of your journey is the best thus far!… Tracy

  7. Barbara Sancken says:

    Flavia, you are my sweet pea! There will be as much coffee for you as your heart desires when you roll into Seattle. We anxiously await your arrival.

  8. Jane Ziegler says:

    Flavia, I am in awe of you and your journey. We were privileged to meet and chat with you and share a lunch/cherry break. After reading some of your blog I now know why our offer of a peanut butter sandwich didn’t appeal! πŸ™‚ Good luck on the rest of the ride and maybe we will see you in Seattle! Jane and Mike (from Montana)

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