Day 59: Newport, WA – Colville, WA


Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! After a good nights sleep, I woke up early planning to get a good start on my 80 mile day, only to realize the battery on my little cycling computer had kicked the bucket! Being the Sunday of a holiday weekend, I started getting nervous. Luckily I have something even better than Google: Vij! We were able to find an Ace Hardware not too far back where I was able to buy two little 3V batteries. Phew!

Much of the first half of my day was spent riding SR 20 along the gorgeous Pend Oreille River. Just short of Ione in a little place I believe was called Tiger, I met Jane and her husband of 25 years on a road trip in celebration of their anniversary! We talked and they shared delicious cherries with me, sending the remainder with me up into the mountains as they were headed into Canada and didn’t want to risk anything at customs. It was a delightful break before tackling the hill up 20!


This is Crystal Falls, along the road toward Colville. Beautiful. 🙂

My final destination was a biker’s hostel run by the Bacon Family. It was a beautiful house in the woods, with a kitchen, beds, shower… Basically heaven! I was the only cyclist there last night, and apparently the first cyclist through from Boston! They have an awesome set of wall maps, one of the US and one of the world. Every guest is asked to pin their name on the map. Pretty cool!

Today I start in on my mountain passes, first up Sherman Pass en route to Republic, WA! My fireman friend Steve asked in a comment when I expect to arrive. Right now I’m hoping for next Saturday! I’ve contacted my bicycling friend and route mentor Rod in Arlington and am planning to be there on Friday the 7th before riding the last bit to Seattle on Saturday. Obviously this is all weather/etc contingent. Eek!


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4 Responses to Day 59: Newport, WA – Colville, WA

  1. Friedmar says:

    Good Luck for the rest of your trip! Hope you arrive at your family in time.


  2. Michael Hummell says:

    Already?? Hooray!,although I’m having a conflict – I’m happy you’ll be home soon, but at the same time, I’ll miss your daily insightful observations and witty comments. :o)))))


  3. Sara says:

    Szia drága Flávi! Óriási!!!
    Micsoda szépségeket látsz! Minden jót továbbra is! Köszönjük a veledutazást, nagyon élvezzük.

  4. sea mik_c says:

    vij is so on it!

    . . . and ‘eek!’ is right!

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