Day 60: Colville, WA – Republic, WA


Beautiful deer this morning. Did you know white tailed deer wag their tails like puppies? It’s true, I’ve seen it!

My route today took me from Colville into the sleepy town of Kettle Falls, where I found a little natural foods store with coffee and Nancy’s kiefer. Mmm!


I spoke to Mum and Papa from Kettle Falls as well. Mama told me about one of their chickens having a rough time because of the heat. Not this guy!

After crossing the Columbia River, I had a long bit of climbing to Sherman Pass. I found opportunities for breaks, such as interpretive displays about the logging industry. It’s true, I do like taking breaks! 🙂


Guffy and I kept plodding though, and finally made it to what I think is my highest point on this trip!



There was even a sign saying “it’s all downhill from here.” Given my route over the next few days, I’m not so sure about that, but ok… 🙂

It was soooooo cold going downhill! The sky had become overcast and the wind was blowing at me. I was sweaty from climbing, and despite putting on every piece of clothing I could (including two coats, gloves, a hat, and long pants) I was still freezing! I met three Bowing engineers on their way to Boston and the first few seconds of talking with them just involved teeth chattering and smiling. They are cool people though, piecing together their route as they go along!

Today another pass and a night in Omak or Okanogan. Hurrah!

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3 Responses to Day 60: Colville, WA – Republic, WA

  1. Flavia: Congratulations on crossing Sherman Pass! Beautiful country! I’ve been following your blog periodically with great interest but haven’t yet had the time to post. This seemed like the time to do it. Enjoy the rest of the journey (and, no, it won’t be all downhill although you don’t have any more steep and long grades) and I can’t wait to read the final entry when you reach Seattle. Then, of course, the real fun starts with school this quarter at UW! Warmest wishes, Matt Klingle

  2. Ryan Anderson says:

    Absolutely Flavsome job poppet. Couldn’t help but notice those evil sticker eyes on the sign. Feeling more invincible with every pass by now I guess? Remember…
    “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.”
    You got it Flav.

  3. sea mik_c says:

    hand-dipped cold water bath for chicken in question, afte which retreats to the coop – and next day . . . no problem! awesome! but today again 30deg c + ! wow! meantime, though, the “longevity” bitter melons find the weather great – as do the later-season cukes! so, grated cuke and jerusalem artichoke salad w/lemon dressing to accompany breakfast. keep you posted!

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