Day 63: Winthrop, WA – Newhalem, WA


The Internet is particularly slow here, which is frustrating because I would like to post approximately 1,000,000 photos from the day! Today’s ride was the most visually stunning day of my trip, bar none. Just as an appetizer, share my surprise in finding SNOW still along the road. In September!!!

I’m writing this from a very familiar place after all these weeks – my tent. Guffy gets all the glory, being my trusty steed and all, but my tent has been equally faithful. Tonight is my last night camping, so I figure it is about time I gave credit to my dear (only occasionally leaky) tent. Thank you, tent!

Tomorrow I have a wonderful ride to Arlington to wake up to. I’m really excited to see my bicycling friend Rod again! When I met him along the Northern Tier he gave me a tremendous amount of advice about routes and told me he’d be looking for my arrival in Arlington. I can’t quite believe that that day is tomorrow! Saturday, then, to Seattle!

More about today’s ride and a plethora of pictures tomorrow when I have better Internet! Bonne nuit!


The amazing bicycle barn I stayed at just outside of Winthrop! I hurried my little heart out to get in before dark. The family is very sweet!


Many of Guffy’s larger relatives came to cheer us on! Last big day of climbing!


7ish miles out from the Bike Barn, I came upon signs for Mazama. Did I turn? Of course! I always turn… 🙂 And goodness my delight at finding the Mazama Store open and full of athletic people drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and planning hikes/ climbs/ rides for the day!


Mmm! One of the best non-oat bran breakfasts to date! Toasted bagel with pesto, egg, and tomato. And coffee, of course. 🙂


For Arrested Development fans the world over!

I promised a plethora of pictures. If there is any way in your precious life for you to visit the North Cascades, you really must. Phenomenally beautiful! I thought I was going to cry climbing up to Washington Pass, not out of suffering, but out of the realization of how tremendously blessed I am to be here.






Penultimate Pass!!!


The view of the climb from the Washington Pass overlook! Eek!


The last pass of this trip!!! Sorry it’s a bit blurry. 🙂


In case you were wondering how I got such awesome pictures of myself (hehe), I have wonderful friends to thank! There were a ton of cyclists out on the road today and many stopped to say hi and talk. A very sweet retired couple I met t the Washington Pass overlook even waited a bit for me to reach Rainy Pass! Really amazing!

Beautiful Diablo Lake!


There were two tunnels along the descent. One had a little crosswalk button for cyclists to push which set a light blinking to warn cars of bikers in the tunnel. Sweet!


First Seattle reference that I’d seen!!! Rolling into Newhalem.


Just past the locomotive, I turned into the visitor center parking lot and was a tad disappointed to see that I’d missed the grocery stores closing by 12 minutes. A sweet couple on their way to Twisp gave me two bottles of water. 🙂 They are Iowa bikers and rode RAGBRAI this year! So cool!

And finally, my dear dear tent. 🙂


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3 Responses to Day 63: Winthrop, WA – Newhalem, WA

  1. sea mik_c says:

    that-a-way guffy! that-a-way, tent!

  2. Hi there Flavia! I’ve been home a couple of weeks and it is a wonderful feeling… I got all caught up on your blog and have really enjoyed it! I’m thankful to have met you and hope our paths will cross again someday. Blessings!

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