Day 64: Newhalem, WA – Arlington, WA


This morning, just as I was getting ready to roll out, a lady walked over towards me, holds out her hand, and presents me with the most perfect honeycrisp apple you can imagine. Her name was Karen, and she was my welcome to the Pacific Northwest committee! She said that she’d sen me packing up and thought at first I was a guy. Haha, I do look scruffy! She realized somehow that I wasn’t, and decided to come over and ask about my trip. We talked for a bit before I realized she was wearing a Boston sweatshirt! We laughed. It was just so fitting! A Washington welcome apple and a greeting from Boston! Amazing start to the day!

Big day…!


I set off a bit later than I’d planned, and stopped at three coffee stands. I was just enjoying myself too much! In Marblemount I met a man with his puppy Poppy. What a cutie!


After making the turn onto the Arlington-Darrington road, I heard the telltale honking from a red pickup truck Rod had told me to expect. What joy!!!


Rod also brought his lady-friend and another bicycling friend along. Us three women biked while Rod drove the pickup until Darrington, where Rod hopped on his bike for the remaining miles into Arlington. With my panniers in Rod’s truck, I felt wobbly at first and then really speedy! Such a different ride!

I’m absolutely elated to have reached Arlington! Tomorrow Rod is riding into Seattle with me. I’m in continued coordination attempts with my sister and her dear I-Dawg to see if they can join in the ride as well.

Two words: holy moley! ūüôā

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7 Responses to Day 64: Newhalem, WA – Arlington, WA

  1. Michael says:

    Way to go!

  2. Sara says:

    Minden jó, ha a vége jó! Sikeres utolsó tekerést és pusziljuk Juliannát is!
    Mi is veled √©rkez√ľnk meg egy picik√©t,
    Puszi Sára és családja

  3. Jan en Cootje says:

    Congratulations with completing the Coast to Coast tour. We admire you very much.
    Give our best to regards to Rod. We are the Dutch cyclist you have met with Denny and Rod near Erie.

  4. steve simmons says:


    Outstanding job. You made great time. I’m very proud of you. I’m going to share your story if that’s alright with you. I give you all the credit in the world. It’s a great pleasure to have you as a new friend. Please stay in touch.


  5. Karen says:

    It was so special to have met you and to be able to read about the adventure that has brought you back to the Pacific Northwest. When I recall watching you through the trees in the campground packing your bag, I was struck by your courage and persistence; sometimes there is just a ‘need’ to make a connection and I am so glad to have done that. I may not see you ever again, but the gift of meeting you once may be all that was intended. Good luck with your studies and I know you will be a giving and productive citizen and friend to all who come your way. Take care, as ever, ‘Campground Karen’ on Day 64, Newhalem, WA.

  6. Nagy Gizella says:

    Csak gratul√°lni tudunk !!!

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