Day 65: Arlington, WA – Seattle, WA!


Elated-exhausted-enthusiasm would be my description of arriving at the end of my journey. Even though I’m well-fed, well-rested, and clean, I’m not really ready yet to write my final blog entry.

I slept like a pancake at Rod’s house, and awoke to an amazing breakfast made by Kayo. Fueled for the ride to Seattle, Rod and I set out around 9:15 along a beautiful trail that basically ended at the Snowhomish Bakery. There were surprisingly few bicyclists out given what a gorgeous Saturday morning it was!


After the bakery stop (and the most delicious sticky/cinnamon bun you can imagine! – Most reminiscent of Bruce Adam’s Thanksgiving rolls…) we rolled along to the north shore of Lake Washington where we met up with Ivan, Julianna, and one of their friends, Evangelos.


It was so surreal!!! It felt amazingly normal. I can’t quite explain it, but despite being a very long distance in total, I think that since each day was a more modest ride I felt that it was very natural that I was in Seattle! I realize that makes a whole lot of not too much sense… 🙂


My sister knows me SO well! She picked blackberries for all of us to share upon arrival!


Here are the computer science nerds!


I think it all started to hit me when I saw this sign…

The five-goober peloton rolled into the U-District and straight to my favorite little fish taco restaurant, AguaVerde. Julianna had conspired with my Godparents and one of my Godsisters, Phil, Barbara, and Lauren to join as well! Kayo (the most amazing final-leg SAG driver ever!) and my new Arlington cycling friend the estimable Dolph joined for lunch as well, making our party the best lunch crew in all of Seattle! 🙂


Barbara and Phil were so sweet, Phil made an amazing welcome-home Americano (truly the best coffee in Seattle!), and Barbara gave me a welcome home balloon and a sunflower bouquet!!! I felt so well-dressed biking to J and Ivn’s apartment after lunch with the balloon trailing behind and the flowers strapped to my rear rack!


Lunch was exactly what I’d been imaging the whole trip… 🙂



…and I’m fairly certain the sentiment was shared!

I was wonderfully overwhelmed by the day. After lunch, J, Ivan and I started towards home in Capitol Hill. Ivan decided that 4,121 miles wasn’t enough and had to find a nice Seattle hill for me to scramble up. 🙂 Even after riding up how many passes without a foot of walking, I could be easily humbled by a Seattle hill! I imagined Professor Klingle laughing and reminding me that it would’ve been an even hillier city before the regrades!!! Oofta!


I was ready for a nap upon arrival, but at the encouragement of Mama and Ivan’s mum, Julianna took me somewhere AWESOME.


In the span of a few hours, I went from smelly cyclists back to clean, eucalyptus and tea-tree oil scented Flavie. 🙂 Thank you mothers for the inspiration!

When we got back to the apartment, Ivan met us with an amazingly delicious dinner. Such contentment!


Thank you all for participating in this adventure. 🙂 I know my experience was made more vivid by having this outlet by which to reflect and process what I’ve seen and read all your comments and encouragement. In the next few days I hope to write one more post to wrap things up, but in the meantime, thank you, thank you, thank you!!,

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17 Responses to Day 65: Arlington, WA – Seattle, WA!

  1. Michael Hummell says:


  2. Janis says:

    You are the coolest, bravest girl ever. You inspire me. It was such a pleasure to meet you and follow your blog this last week. Thank you so very much.

  3. Sharon says:

    Wow! What fun it has been reading your posts. I discovered ‘running with noodles’ via the UW alumni site (or somewhere like that) about 5-6 weeks ago. Thank you for sharing your adventure!
    Best, Sharon

    • Naya says:

      Same here (discovery via UW site). I’ve loved living through your journey, Flavia. You are one dynamic chickadee – a beautiful lass inside and out, as well as a brillant writer. Kudos to you for trusting in your abilities and taking on this challenge. The magical support you corralled along the way was inspirational as well.

      Many blessing!

  4. bethandmarty says:

    Flavia we are so proud of you! One of the highlights of our summer was meeting you on the Erie Canal Trail near Lockport, NY, and then you stopping to stay with us on your way through Ohio. We’re glad we got to share in a little bit of your adventure and are sure going to miss reading your blog! CONGRATULATIONS on completing your journey, a journey we had no doubt you would finish!!

  5. Bobby Quenemoen says:

    You are an amazing young lady. It was a pleasure meeting you in Alma, WI and following your journey. Best of luck to, my friend.

  6. Jane Ziegler says:

    Congratulations on completing your journey! I am proud to have been a tiny part of it, and wish you well. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and will miss your daily updates. Good luck!

  7. Regina says:

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S 😃
    Hi Flavi,
    We are so glad that you arrived Seattle save and sound and for all the experiences you made.
    It was such a fun to read you blog entries and to be with you. We will miss it. 🌟

  8. Friedmar says:

    Congratulatios from Germany for successfully crossing the Country by bike. We are proud👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    We hope to see you on your next trip to mom and dad via Frankfurt to Hungary.

    Friedmar, Regina & Victoria

  9. Alison Pirie says:

    Flavia, your blog made my summer–I couldn’t wait to read about your adventures each day and loved following your progress on one of the dept. maps. I’m so glad you had a totally successful trip and hope that you have an equally successful academic year!

  10. chenchenchen says:

    Only minor correction: Ivan actually picked those blackberries. I made an earlier attempt at picking which was much less fruitful I was eating them at a prodigious rate. I guess a taste for blackberries runs in the family… 🙂

  11. Sara says:

    Szia drága Flávi!
    Nagyszerü ember vagy! Gratulálunk mi is! További minden jót, puszi.

  12. TheLinuxWhisperer says:

    Amazing. And you’re a babe.

  13. susan tananbaum says:


    first – warmest congrats – what an accomplishment – i have really enjoyed your entries!! i am sure you will cherish memories for years to come. Best of luck as you start your MPH –


  14. Sarah says:

    Flavia! I’ve been following your blog since you left Boston, and I am soo incredibly impressed you made it allllll the way. So inspiring and I’m so glad you had a fun and SAFE trip!!

  15. Flavia, what an awesome ride! Truly the trip of a lifetime.

    Rod told me about tonight and I’m hoping we can do a blog post for the Bicycle Alliance of Washington website (where I’m the new executive director),

    I also maintain a list at that lists blogs about biking written by women from around the world. I’ll add your blog on the next update.

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