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Day 65: Arlington, WA – Seattle, WA!

Elated-exhausted-enthusiasm would be my description of arriving at the end of my journey. Even though I’m well-fed, well-rested, and clean, I’m not really ready yet to write my final blog entry. I slept like a pancake at Rod’s house, and … Continue reading

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Day 64: Newhalem, WA – Arlington, WA

This morning, just as I was getting ready to roll out, a lady walked over towards me, holds out her hand, and presents me with the most perfect honeycrisp apple you can imagine. Her name was Karen, and she was … Continue reading

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Day 63: Winthrop, WA – Newhalem, WA

The Internet is particularly slow here, which is frustrating because I would like to post approximately 1,000,000 photos from the day! Today’s ride was the most visually stunning day of my trip, bar none. Just as an appetizer, share my … Continue reading

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Day 62: Omak, WA – Winthrop, WA

Quick post before the library closes. Beautiful scrubby landscape, another pass, and a dead bear comprised today’s sights. And amazing apple orchards! If you’ve ever wondered where those Washington apples come from… This was an organic orchards called Jonny Appleseeds. … Continue reading

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Day 61: Republic, WA – Omak, WA

This is the beautiful view to which I awoke this morning. Last night at dusk there were no fewer than nine deer marching around in the field, having their pre-bedtime snack. This morning was absolutely frigid, but I packed up … Continue reading

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Day 60: Colville, WA – Republic, WA

Beautiful deer this morning. Did you know white tailed deer wag their tails like puppies? It’s true, I’ve seen it! My route today took me from Colville into the sleepy town of Kettle Falls, where I found a little natural … Continue reading

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Day 59: Newport, WA – Colville, WA

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! After a good nights sleep, I woke up early planning to get a good start on my 80 mile day, only to realize the battery on my little cycling computer had kicked the bucket! … Continue reading

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